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    How do other local authorities keep track of the number of planning permissions they give to self builders and custom builders? Our system does not have a digital field to collect this and also the National Planning Application form doesn’t ask this question so how do other authorities find out if the development is a C or SB?
    Also how do other authorities monitor the criteria where the C&SBuilder must live in the home they build?
    Thank you



    TWYNN- you might want to speak to your adjoining council contacts about monitoring permissions as we don’t as yet have information about this.

    Please note that the new DCLG planning application form has specific information boxes in section 17 and is available to download here:

    For information, other than the CIL exemption, there is no specific time-based criteria under the 2015 or 2016 Act which restricts the C&SBuilder to live in the home they build. The 2016 Act only refers to “home” meaning an individual’s sole or main residence. We don’t as yet have information about councils monitoring this provision.



    Thank you. I was unaware of the new DCLG planning application form so that was useful


    Please could you confirm when the new DCLG planning application form was released?



    Unfortunately we don’t have a specific date to give you but it was during the early part of 2017. You will need to contact DCLG about this.



    I emailed the DCLG and was told although the form was released onto the Govt website it has not been released onto the planning portal. They didn’t know when this would happen. I don’t know what the hold up is or who is responsible for uploading it to the planning portal



    I was going to ask the same question. Unfortunately Idox haven’t updated the system to match the new application forms and not everyone uses the new one anyway. Luckily we charge CIL so I’ve used the exemptions to calculate the number of consents. We are now asking Planning Officers to get the application description changed to include the words self build so a report can be run when we get the annual return.

    The only way we can think of to monitor occupation is to check Council Tax records. You just have to hope no-one lets it out but continues to be shown as liable for the CT.



    OK thanks Liz


    Hi all,

    I also contacted the DCLG and Planning Portal, I received the following response from the latter:

    “Thank you for your e-mail. I have spoken to our development team who are aware of the form updates; however before they can commit to an update on the site, they need to thoroughly investigate the technical implications any changes to the forms will have (for example, any Local Planning Authority that download applications automatically may need to make changes to their connector software before any update can go live)

    As soon as they have completed their investigation and confirmed what and when any updates will be made, then our communications team will be in touch.”

    Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be a helpful response especially in regards to monitoring Self/Custom Build permissions. This is especially pertinent for our authority as we have yet to implement CIL.

    Thanks Liz, I will talk our Planning Officers about getting explicit references to Self-build in applications and will look into CT.

    Any further advice/experiences with monitoring self/custom build would be appreciated!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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