What we do

We urgently need to build many more homes, both for sale and for rent: homes that people can afford, that they want to live in, and located where they want to live.

There are millions of people across the UK who would like the opportunity to build their own home, either through Self Build, or by working with a Custom Build developer that will give them the opportunity to design an individual home.

If this huge demand were unlocked, it would lead to a significant rise in the number of new homes built each year and could lead to a permanent increase in housebuilding.

The ‘Right to Build’ requires all councils in England to provide for sufficient serviced plots with planning permission to meet local demand for Custom and Self Build housing.

All councils now have local demand registers and more than 40,000 people across England have registered so far, with more registering daily.

To ensure other organisations benefit, the lessons learnt from our work are being shared through a programme of events and our attendance at national conferences, as well as case studies on this Toolkit.

Many are introducing local initiatives to meet local demand, whether through local plans, proposals for garden towns and villages, working with Custom Build developers and community groups or by directly releasing land for serviced building plots.

Large numbers of councils have said they need help to deliver their ambitions.

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) has therefore established a national Right to Build Task Force of Experts to provide support which can help unlock this growing demand.

The Task Force is Government-endorsed, having been recognised in the White Paper Fixing our Broken Housing Market.

The aim of the Task Force is to support at least 80 organisations across the UK by the end of 2019.

Support is available to councils, community groups, housing associations and other organisations to deliver larger-scale, affordable Custom and Self Build housing projects.

Developers and landowners can also apply for support.

Priority will be given to strategies and projects that:

  • Deliver more Custom and Self Build homes, or that are capable of replication. This means:
    - for local authorities and private sector organisations, projects of at least 100 Custom and Self Build homes;
    - for community organisations or groups of people working together, projects of more than 5 Custom and Self Build homes which have support from their local authority and have one or more of the following secured for their project: planning permission, land and/or finance.
  • Include significant numbers of ‘affordable’ homes, although this need not be limited to the definition in the National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Have support from senior local politicians, to ensure timely delivery.

To ensure other organisations benefit, the lessons learnt from our work will be shared through Right to Build regional roadshow events and case studies on this Toolkit.

Although the Right to Build does not extend to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we will support the devolved administrations and other organisations to unlock Custom and Self Build opportunities across the UK.

Fixing our Broken Housing Market

"3.17 The Government also welcomes the establishment of the Right to Build Taskforce by the National Custom and Self Build Association." White Paper Fixing our Broken Housing Market (DCLG, February 2017)


Click to download the information leaflet that sets out how the Task Force works.