Briefing Notes

We have assembled these Briefing Notes to provide detailed guidance across a number of key topics.

These are grouped under four headings that loosely take you through the different stages that are involved in developing an initiative to encourage more private homebuilding – Introduction, Initiation, Action and Promotion and Technical

Under each of these headings you will find sub-sections – so, for example, under the ‘Action’ heading there are sub-sections on Planning & Land, Finance and Consumer Support. Beneath each of these you will find the titles of the individual Briefing Notes. Click on the relevant dark blue box to open.

Each Briefing Note has a set of Key Learning Points at the beginning, and, as you scroll down, you will see a number of Top Tips are identified.



Introduction to the private homebuilding sector The Right to Build Glossary Acknowledgements



Political leadership, vision & culture


Registers and assessing demand Local connection issues


Resource implications and organisational options Working with partners to facilitate opportunities


Planning & Land

How the planning system can generate opportunities Examples of how councils use the planning system to encourage opportunities Controlling the build-out of projects Design Codes and Plot Passports Ensuring delivery on developments that have planning permission Different ways to bring forward land Affordable housing and Exception Sites How Neighbourhood Planning can encourage opportunites Viability considerations


Government loans and grants Other financial support Help and support for groups Support and training for individuals Ground leases and other ways of facilitating land more affordably

Promotion and Technical


Simple and jargon free promotional material Effective marketing techniques Setting up a ‘Plot Shop’ The sales management process


How to deliver serviced plots Health & Safety Taxation Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)