What we offer

The Task Force can offer bespoke Custom and Self Build housing support, including:

  • Advising, preparing and implementing town planning strategies, policies, masterplans and design codes
  • Support for larger scale projects (eg. serviced building plots)
  • Developing and implementing demand assessments to inform Strategic Housing Market Assessments or site/area-specific policies and proposals
  • Advice on development finance and undertaking site viability assessments
  • Research and analysis
  • Application of Right to Build legislation locally
  • Advice on promoting demand registers and linking these to supply of serviced plots
  • Enabling neighbourhood planning initiatives
  • Support for viable group Custom and Self Build projects
  • Holding workshops or training events
  • Advice on good practice from across the UK and internationally.

The Task Force is not available to provide adversarial support for planning appeals or Examinations in Public.

Task Force rates

Support will be:

  • Tailored to an organisation’s specific needs and undertaken to an agreed timetable.
  • Delivered by one or more of our Task Force Experts, overseen by the Task Force Director.
  • Please get in touch below for information on rates.

Contact Us

If you want to contact the Task Force and register your interest in receiving support or becoming an Expert, please get in touch here.