Three Dragons Custom and Self Build Assessment Demand Model

The Custom and Self Build Housing model produced by Three Dragons, with support from the Right to Build Task Force, is now available to a range of stakeholders, following successful trials with local authorities working on their local plans.

Created by specialist housing and planning consultancy Three Dragons, the model measures the potential demand for Custom and Self-build at a district or area level. This enables local authorities to create long-term demand-led outcomes that go beyond the short-term snapshot provided by local Self-build Registers.

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The government has set out clear expectations for local authorities with the Right to Build legislation and the maintenance of the registers, and this model will enable them to plan for the expected increase in Custom and Self Build activity as they work to permission plot for those on their registers. It will help facilitate the delivery of these plots by ensuring that they are provided for in local policy as plans get updated.

Sector data

This modelling draws on up-to-date local and national data to provide an overview of demand across an authority, including sizes and types of plots and demand from those unable to afford market prices. This data can be used to inform local planning policy and also as provide evidence of demand at Examination.

Intended to be used as part of a wider evidence-gathering, the reports set out custom and self-build by district/housing market area, together with information from the register and patterns of supply, as well as national and local policy. The data is presented with recommendations for actions, together with practical steps to delivery.

 “Current practice has shown that local registers provide a short-term supply-led picture and can be a significant under-representation of latent demand, unsuitable to inform longer-term site allocations and policies in local plans,” says Lin Cousins, Director, Three Dragons.

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