30 September: RICS Housing Hub at the Conservative Conference

The Right to Build Task Force, together with NaCSBA, will be at the Housing Hub on 30 September, Manchester, a fringe event held at the Conservative Party Conference. Task Force Director Mario Wolf will be on presenting at the hub, on the issues of diversifying housing supply through Custom and Self Build.

Hosted by RICS, the Housing Hub will present a united front to politicians and advisors,  stressing a commitment to making the housing market work for everyone. Ri.

For several years now, the RICS Residential Market Survey has indicated a supply crisis across in both renting and buying over the last few years, with younger people faced with the twin issues of expensive house prices and high rents due to a lack of rental stock.

The Housing Hub puts forwards a vision of collaboration and innovation that can help drive supply, including through Custom and Self Build.

Hew Edgar, RICS Head of UK Government Relations and City Strategy said: “The RICS Housing Hub presents an ideal opportunity to encourage a further step change and to demonstrate what an industry working together can offer in support.

“The event will show how the sector, and beyond, can assist in solving a complex issue and will uncover exactly how our industry’s different professions can work together to help political figures and advisors with their specific housing drives and initiatives.”

Keynote speakers include:
Caroline Gumble, Chief Executive of CIOB on construction quality;
Marc Vlessing, Co-founder & CEO at Pocket Living, on how public-private sector collaborations can boost the affordable housing market;
Professor Alan M Jones, President of RIBA on design matters and quality housing; and
Tracy Harrison, Chief Executive of Northern Housing Consortium on how to make housing policy work for the north of England.

Other influential speakers to join the line-up include George Clarke (TV personality and property expert), Tim Bowles (Mayor of the West of England) and Mario Wolf.

Housing Hub essentials

When: 30 September
Time: 9am – 6pm
Where: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD
Cost: the Housing Hub is free to attend for interested parties. It is outside the secure zone so no conference pass required.

See the Housing Hub full line up, here.

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